Wandering Titan

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The Wandering Titan is one of the four escaped Dreadgods on Cradle. Its Dreadgod cult members belong to Abyssal Palace.

The Four Beasts

The Bleeding Phoenix, the Weeping Dragon, the Wandering Titan, and the Silent King. Plus, the imprisoned first Dreadgod, Subject One

“They are...disasters. Four monsters, big enough to blot out the sky, hungry for destruction, and so powerful that the most advanced sacred artists in the world have to join forces to drive them off. Drive them off, you understand. None of the Dreadgods have ever been killed.” “They're sacred beasts?” “Corrupted ones. Like the dreadbeasts of the Desolate Wilds, they were warped and twisted by their own powers.. .They're scattered all over the world. They burrow into a secure location and wait for decades...but when they wake up, they're hungry. Fortunately for humanity, no two have woken at the same time in centuries. But the last time they did, they destroyed the original Blackflame Empire.” (Skysworn, ch 7)

Dread Wars

A Monarch cannot withstand a Dreadgod. In the Dread Wars, the previous generation of Monarchs was all but eradicated, with only 2 out of 12 surviving following a combined attack on the Wandering Titan, which woke up the rest of his brothers.


The Dreadgods are about two or three thousand years old. They developed long after the time that Ozmanthus Arelius lived. They are a failed research experiment, unintentionally created by a researcher dubbed Subject One. Dreadgods formed as a result of experimentation in hunger aura and dreadbeasts in the Labyrinth under Sacred Valley. Four of the Dreadgods escaped the supposedly secure underground formation, but Subject One is imprisoned beneath the valley. He invented hunger madra. See more details at Subject One

Titan Descriptions

  • Too powerful for anyone on the planet to kill. Even Monarchs cannot kill it. Thankfully, it sleeps a lot.
  • Hungry. Sometimes tired. Often both.
  • A humongous warrior with glowing yellow eyes, stony hard skin, a tortoise shell on its back like a stone shield, and a long serpentine tail dragging on the ground. It carries a big sword.
  • Big enough to scale mountains with a step and to flatten peaks to rubble
  • Can hold the gigantic-super-sized Orthos in its hand like a small toy.

the Wandering Titan itself. The humanoid giant of dark stone knelt at the edge of the ocean, its feet still partially submerged in water. Its shoulders scraped the clouds, a turtle’s shell rising behind it like a shield strapped to its back. It was a titanic statue come to life, a walking mountain. Its face looked like a man’s, but expressionless, as though it had indeed been carved. Stone eyes glowed slightly, dull yellow. Just by its presence, it dominated the earth aura for many miles. Dozens. Maybe hundreds. (Bloodline, ch 3)

Titan Sightings

Titan Abilities

It creates landslides, avalanches, rockslides, earthquakes, spears of stone spires, etc etc.

Enforcer technique: —

"When the Titan found its leg stuck by Yerin’s technique, it threw a punch at Mercy. A golden nimbus covered its fist: the original version of the Enforcer technique the Abyssal Palace cultists had used. The wind from the punch was like the breath of a hurricane.. .The Titan unleashed a stream of powerful earth madra with its breath." (Bloodline chapter 19)

But, like all four monsters, the Titan tires easily and just wants to feed and sleep. Or, as Dross tells Ziel, “Dreadgods don’t fight to the death. If the prey takes too much energy to beat, they back off.” (Bloodline ch 18)


All four (five) monsters cycle hunger madra. The Titan also cycles aspects of earth, stone madra.
Aspects: Earth aura
Techniques: enforcer technique, hunger consume technique, etc

"Its control of earth aura was so intense that it stained the sky gold, as the Bleeding Phoenix had once enhanced blood aura until the sky blazed red. All around, mountains buzzed as though quivering in anticipation. The Titan’s arm was plunged into the earth up to the elbow, and it knelt almost motionless as it fed. Power moved up its arm slowly but steadily, like sap in a tree. A hunger technique." (Bloodline, ch 3)

Titan Cult

The Wandering Titan is followed by members of the Dreadgod cult aptly named Abyssal Palace. They keep their faces concealed beneath hoods and stony masks.

"Brother Aekin wore a dark stone mask carved to resemble some kind of snarling monster, the right eye of which glowed with a bright yellow light. His robes were black and brown, representing the Wandering Titan’s cult: the Abyssal Palace." (Uncrowned)

Mount Venture

The residents of the valley appear to know nothing of the dreadgods, except for maybe the ancient sacred beast, a snowfox called Elder Whisper. Nonetheless, the Titan’s type of aura has been associated with Mount Venture, one of the four holy peaks surrounding Sacred Valley. This is a mining area, rich in mineral deposits. The Titan is drawn to the core placed deep beneath the mountain.