Wintersteel (material)

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Wintersteel is a metal on Cradle.

Wintersteel can form in the ground when sword madra and earth aura interact in a certain way; a Forger technique by the Winter Sage caused this to happen in Sky's Edge, making it one of the few places within Akura territory where wintersteel can be mined.[1]

When made into a blade, it feels like a combination of ice and sword madra to spiritual senses.[2]

Notable objects

  • The Sage of the Endless Sword carries a wintersteel-plated badge when he goes into Sacred Valley, since wintersteel is historically the symbol of a true Sage.[3]
  • The Winter Sage makes a wintersteel sword for the Sage of the Endless Sword;[3] Yerin takes up the sword after his death.[4]
  • Eithan makes a wintersteel badge for Lindon after the latter manifests the Void Icon.[5]
  • Penance is made out of wintersteel.[6]