Akura Family

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The Akura family is a Monarch faction which rules over almost half a continent, led by Akura Malice.

Sacred Arts[edit | edit source]

All Akura Paths, to current knowledge, are of the shadow aspect. However, they can have others as well.

The head family is distinguished by their Path of Seven Pages. Branch families follow other shadow Paths.

The Akura bloodline ability is a purple crystal armor, and all of Malice's blood descendants have purple eyes.

Relations and Territory[edit | edit source]

The Akura have relationships with many other factions all over the world, being a Monarch faction. They are widely respected and are not opposed lightly.

Their territory stretches to half a continent, and is partially controlled by their vassals.

They share the continent with Seshethkunaaz, Monarch of Dragons. They are 'vigilant' against the non-human factions, as those are not places human civilisation can flourish, and believe it would be a 'loss to humanity as a whole' if they were to lose territory.

Vassals[edit | edit source]

The Akura have four vassals that we know of, with the stronger ones being the Frozen Blade Sect and the Temple of Rising Earth, and the weaker ones being the the Blackflame Empire and Seishen Kingdom.

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