Emriss Silentborn

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Emriss Silentborn — Memory of the World, Queen of the Everwood Continent and Monarch of Titan’s Grove. The Remnant Monarch.

Emriss Silentborn
General information
PathPath of Ten Thousand Dreams
First AppearanceUncrowned
HomeEverwood continent

Oldest Monarch??

Emriss is the oldest of the living Monarchs according to the Author:

Will Wight: “The oldest Monarch is Emriss Silentborn and she only has a couple of Icons. Her connection to them is just very thorough.” (Archive e1822)

BUT, several years earlier, the author also said the oldest is the dragon Seshethkunaaz. Will Wight: Northstrider is older than Reigan Shen, who is older than Malice. The dragon Monarch Sesh is oldest of them all. (Archives e750)
So Emriss may be the oldest but she's a Remnant. Doesn't count among the normal living?

Remnant of Ancient Men'hla Tree

  • She was apparently alive during the Dread Wars and by inference, after the war she managed to bind the Silent King on her lands (Reaper, ch 23)
  • This Monarch is actually an ancient sacred tree that aged long enough and advanced far enough to change her shape to human and shift back to a tree, as desired.

Rumor said that Emriss Silentborn had been a men’hla tree before her ascension, and as such they were considered sacred in certain circles on the Everwood continent. (Uncrowned, ch 12)

A Remnant

  • She was assassinated but each of her leaves held memory, and their spirits reunited, so she is a Remnant really. Hence her moniker The Remnant Monarch.
  • see Sacred Beasts for info on sacred trees. Also see Sacred Arts.

Her Death and Rebirth

Emriss Silentborn was born a tree. The men’hla tree is famous for its utility in Soulsmithing. Each of its leaves produces a separate Remnant, leading to an almost endless supply of dead matter. It takes extraordinary circumstances for such a tree to attain sentience, and Emriss is the result of such a twist of fate. When she advanced to Underlord, she took the form of a young woman, using her control over vast networks of dream madra to voraciously learn and spread that knowledge as widely as possible....As she began gathering support for a global portal network, to bring the various continents closer together, three rival Monarchs joined forces and had her assassinated. Free, unlimited knowledge is a threat to those who hoard secrets. But death did not stop her. The Remnants that fell from her leaves spread far and wide, defying all attempts to hunt her spirit down. Over time, they joined together and re-formed, but her memories were fragmented and her sense of identity almost entirely broken. Fortunately for her, she had spent her life leaving memories all around the world. With her rebirth came wisdom. While her purpose never changed, her methods did. She is now more subtle, and the other Monarchs consider her both generous and harmless. (Wintersteel, ch 7)


Sometimes she's a human with brown, bark-like skin, herbal scented.

Lindon had only seen Emriss Silentborn in the form of a giant tree, but he recognized her immediately. Her skin was dark, like most of her competitors in the tournament, but hers had the consistency of bark. Her hair was made of luminous blue-green vines braided together, and she carried a staff with a blooming diamond flower at the tip. She wore a look of great sadness, and Lindon couldn’t tell if something had happened or if this was how she always appeared.. . . Emriss Silentborn extended her diamond-flower staff, which exuded a peaceful blue-and-pink light. It suffused everything, and Lindon found his thoughts and his madra growing calm as she began to speak. (Wintersteel chapter 1)

As a tree

Her body, that of a blue-green tree big enough to brush the sky, trembled at what she felt approaching their world. Each of her leaves, each set with a functioning eye, shook as they stared into spectrums no human could see. Something was coming.(Reaper, ch 25)


  • Goal oriented, long-range planner, collaborative, community-oriented
  • Believes in information sharing on a global scale. (the wiki queen)
  • Has a soothing spirit.
  • Is kindhearted and wise. Caring and giving. Generous.
    • But shrewd — keeps the Silent King warded in her forest
  • She spends her life traveling around gifting people with language.
  • She drops her leaves everywhere, so she can learn from them, because they each have an eye and a memory
  • At the 18th Uncrowned King Tournament she gave Ziel a pill, to help his mangled spirit

Her Kingdom

Emriss Silentborn — Queen of the Everwood Continent and Monarch of Titan’s Grove. The Remnant Monarch. The Memory of the World.

  • Dreadnaught City

[He's from Dreadnought City,] Dross said, for some reason whispering as though his mental voice might be enough to break the stalemate. [Everwood continent, fighting for Emriss Silentborn. They do strange things with Remnants over there.] (Uncrowned)

Her Herald

  • Chryleia - Created healing elixir for Ziel

Emriss Silentborn’s voice was rich, motherly, and relaxed. “My Herald Chryleia refined this herself, from fruits and flowers gathered throughout the world as well as a drop of my own sap.”

Her Path

Path: Ten Thousand Dreams. While the Path of Ten Thousand Dreams is not particularly suited to combat, its power is nonetheless undeniable. Sacred artists have shared dreams since antiquity, but Emriss developed the ability to accurately share memories, leading to the development and widespread adoption of dream tablets. This Path involves sharing thoughts widely, coordinating entire armies of sacred arts at once. (Wintersteel ch 7)

  • Using her Path, she invented dream tablets, and the Dreamway. (Wintersteel ch 7) but some readers suggest she didn’t invent the dream tablets, but rather only refined them, since Ozmanthus Arelius had left dream tablets behind, several thousand years ago (roughly four or five thousand years ago)

Warding a Dreadgod

Emriss Silentborn had earned her title for two reasons. First, she had a long history with the Dreadgod known as the Silent King. Second, trees were notoriously quiet. She was used to reading meaning in silence.(Reaper, ch 25)

The Dreadgod the Silent King (white tiger) lives on her Everwood continent. He is bound there, contained by her roots and her script circle, which is powered by her madra. He seeks revenge on Emriss Silentborn, and to spread his peace throughout the world. (Reaper, ch 23)

Deep in the jungles of the Everwood Continent, the Silent King crouched in its den. Unlike its siblings, the King had never lost use of its mental faculties. It would have been impossible to control dream madra otherwise. It was its body that had suffered. It had never carried as much devastating destructive power as the others, and was only as big as one of these human houses.. .
The Silent King’s mind was rarely focused on its own body. Even now, it tended to its mental web. Its subjects filled the jungle for hundreds of miles. They lived in cities, talked, joked, created art. Remnants crept by newborn sacred beasts and both traded respectful nods. Neither should be as intelligent or aware as they were, but thanks to their King, they could live up to their full domain. In these lands, there was true peace. But this was as far as its domain would ever extend. The thought filled it with fury. . .(Reaper, ch 23)