Jai Daishou

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Jai Daishou
General information
PathPath of the Stellar Spear
FactionPatriarch Jai Clan
First AppearanceBlackflame, and mentioned in Soulsmith
HomeSerpent’s Grave in Blackflame Empire


Underlord Jai Daishou is an old man, the Patriarch of the Jai Clan in the Blackflame Empire. He is the only Underlord in the clan, and fruitlessly seeks a powerful heir, knowing he will die soon. He lives in Serpent’s Grave, in a palace on Shiryu Mountain, but his clan originated in the Desolate Wilds in the western region of the empire. His clan has land out west, near the forbidden western Labyrinth.

The Underlord Patriarch of the Jai clan was a legend; with his own hands, he had built the Jai from a remote clan in the wilderness to an Imperial power. (Blackflame chapter 2)

Ranking & Pride

Patriarch Jai Daishou is a proud man, ranked the seventh most powerful Underlord in the empire. He is on the Path of the Stellar Spear, with metallic hair for a Goldsign. He is too proud for his own good, a fatal flaw in character. He likes to call Eithan Arelius “Eleven” because he was ranked four slots beneath him. He banishes his most promising young sacred artist Jai Long, when he suddenly sustains a rather horrific facial deformity, because he no longer looks fair enough to lead the great Jai clan.

Feud w Jai Long

Daishou’s main enemy in the Jai clan is Jai Long, an exile. Long hates the clan leader because he coldly abandoned his little sister Jai Chen, only six years old, and exiled himself, only 13 or 14, after they were attacked and seriously injured in childhood. Jai Chen also hates the cruel old man. Daishou doesn’t take this enmity seriously enough.

Feud w Arelius

He waged a deadly feud against Underlord Eithan Arelius and his janitorial family and staff in Serpent’s Grave. This takes place in books 3 and 4, Blackflame and Skysworn. Patriarch Jai Daishou felt Eithan Arelius — only ranked eleven — didn’t show him enough respect. The two clashed violently. Jai Daishou ordered his clan to sabotage and vandalize Arelius janitorial holdings in Serpent’s Grave (Blackflame ch 3). He later orchestrated a city-wide assassination of all family members of House Arelius — the Blackflame Branch, and the adopted members, Lindon and Yerin Arelius. His clan killed many, but his plan didn’t quite succeed. (Book 3, Blackflame)

The Jai clan has all but declared war on our family.”
“All but?” Yerin repeated. “Is it war, or no war?”
“If they declared it openly, the Emperor’s forces would cripple the aggressor in a day. But the Skysworn stay out of the petty squabbles between clans.
(Blackflame chapter 5)