Jai Long

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Jai Long
General information
PathPath of the Stellar Spear
FactionJai Clan
First AppearanceSoulsmith - Cradle book 2
OriginBlack Flame Empire
SiblingJai Chen

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" He resisted lifting a hand to feel the strips of cloth wrapped around his head. The cloth was red, wrapped so tightly around him that not a hair or scrap of skin was visible from the neck up. Only his eyes peeked out of the middle, and if he could have covered those up without losing his vision, he would have. "

― Soulsmith (Cradle Book 2), Location 1048



Jai Long grew up in the Blackflame Empire as a blood member of the Jai clan. Jai Long’s affinity with the Path of the Stellar Spear was second only to the clan’s Patriarch, an aged Underlord named Jai Daishou. Recognizing his potential and seeing the need to raise up a second Underlord as an heir to the aging Patriarch, Jai clan elders stalled Jai Long’s advancement at Jade until a suitable Remnant from the Path of the Stellar Spear became available. Ideally, a Jai clan elder would die and Jai Long would draw the sacred artist’s Remnant into his core, processing the power and advancing to Lowgold.

However, after an attack on the Jai head family by a group of rebels practicing a warped version of the Path of the Stellar Spear, Jai Long was forced to capture and process the twisted Remnant of a defeated rebel Lowgold to protect his sister, Jai Chen. Jai Long easily broke through to Lowgold aided by the power of the processed Remnant, but had deviated from the Path of the Stellar Spear in doing so. Jai Long was marked with a Goldsign that twisted and scarred his face and the unusual ability to imbue Forged madra with temporary life, specializing in Forged snakes.

" Imbuing Forged madra with temporary life is an advanced technique, far beyond Jai Long. He can only produce this result because he absorbed a Remnant from a Path we’ll call…unnatural."

― Eithan Arelius [[ Blackflame (Cradle Book 3), Location 1791


Jai clan elders were horrified by Jai Long’s monstrous transformation; the next clan Patriarch could not have deviated from the Path of the Stellar Spear, and his face could not be hideous. A fallen star, Jai Long and his sister were quietly shipped away to the Desolate Wilds to support one of the Jai clan’s oldest allies, the Sandviper sect, where they could benefit the clan without bringing further shame.

Powers and Abilities