Path of the Stellar Spear

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The Path of the Stellar Spear is the signature path of the Jai clan in the Blackflame Empire

History of Path

The Path of the Stellar Spear is used by the Jai Clan. This Path branched from the original Path of the Broken Star at some point. Although weaker then the original path, it's easier to apply to real-world situations and has more lenient madra control requirements.

Jai members

Old Jai Daishou mastered this Path. Young Jai Long practices a variation of the Path of the Stellar Spear, because he adopted a nasty twisty snaky Remant when he advanced to Lowgold. So, his Path may be more like the Broken Star than anyone knows. Or not. (Just a guess.) For more info on his unique Path, see his page Jai Long.

Aura Chamber

The place to practice and cycle aura for this Path is on the edge of Serpent’s Grave, in the Blackflame Empire. This is /was the primary city of the Jai clan, until they were exiled to the Desolate Wilds. In Reaper, book 10, the emperor grants the Twin Star Sect a campus and building out there. Jai Chen helps manage the sect and her big brother Jai Long practices his techniques in the rich aura chamber.

In the headquarters of the Twin Star Sect, on the edge of Serpent’s Grave, Jai Long completed his morning cycling. This aura chamber was perfect for him, having once belonged to the Jai clan; it was filled with glowing blades that saturated the air with the power of light and swords. (Reaper, ch 10)


  • Striker:
    • Star Lance:
      • Launches a bright blast of light and sword madra from the tip of a spear.

"He whipped Stellar Spear madra in a line—the Star Lance was the simplest Striker technique possible, but also the fastest."[1]

  • Enforcer:
    • Flowing Starlight:
      • The user circulates light-aspect madra, and a bright pattern covers the users skin, enhancing his movement speed and perception.
    • Star's Edge:
      • The user, reinforces his weapon, a bright pattern covers the weapon , resulting in a "deadly star" at the end of his spear.
  • Ruler:
    • No known techniques, No combat ruler techniques exist
  • Forger:
    • No known techniques.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Fall of Seven Stars (Jai Daishou Only):
      • This technique is described as a fan of forged spears that blaze with sword aura. Each of the seven attacks are then spread out at different angles and launched at different timings to prevent dodging or escape.

"The cliff shone with white light like a dawning star, invisible gouges appeared in the dirt from the force of his sword aura, and his spiritual sense trembled with the power of his seven spears. Jai Daishou used this technique to level fortress walls, not to kill individual enemies." [1]

Cycling Techniques:

  • No specific techniques known

Iron Body:

  • Stellar Spear Iron Body
    • The Iron Body is designed to help the body cope with the speed provided by the Path of the Stellar Spear. Jai Long was forced to undergo a ritual that blistered all the skin on his body, broke most of his bones, and kept him in bed for three months afterwards to obtain his Iron Body.[2]


  • Ancestors Spear
    • Though not directly linked to the Path of the Stellar Spear, the Ancestor's Spear was said to have been wielded by the original matriarch of the Jai Clan, the aforementioned 'Ancestor' in the name Ancestor's Spear. It is highly sought after by the Jai clan and is wielded by Jai Long from the end of Soulsmith until it is taken by Jai Daishou in Blackflame. Jai Daishou loses this original spear but obtains a replacement from the Labyrinth. This spear is destroyed in Skysworn during Lindon's duel with Jai Long.
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