Naian Blackflame

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Naian Blackflame
General information
PathPath of Black Flame
FactionDragon faction Prisoner (Originally Blackflame Empire)
First AppearanceUncrowned - Cradle book 7
OriginBlack Flame Empire - Ashwind Continent

Naian Blackflame was the only known remaining member of the original human Blackflame Family. An Underlord following the Path of Black Flame, Naian was driven mad by his power, ending up imprisoned and used by the Dragon faction to compete in the Uncrowned King Tournament. During the tournament, Lindon and Mercy face Naian, and Lindon attempts to heal Naian's madness, using Little Blue to counteract his rampaging madra. Naian is defeated, and regains some of his sanity, if only briefly. As punishment for his failure, Naian is executed immediately following the match by Sophara, much to Lindons dismay.