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Sopharanatoth (Sophara)
General information
PathPath of the Flowing Flame
RankUnderlady +
FactionSeshethkunaaz’s Dragon Kin
First AppearanceGhostwater
SpeciesGold Dragon
HomeEastern Ashwind Continent


Sopharanatoth / Sophara is a gold dragon, loyal to Seshethkunaaz her great-grandfather, the dragon-boy Monarch. Her grandmother is the Monarch’s right-hand claw, a Herald named Xorrus. Her younger sister Ekerinatoth or Ekeri, died in the Ghostwater pocket world. Sophara hates Wei Shi Lindon Arelius and hunts for “that Blackflame boy” with murderous intent.

Gold v Black Dragons

Sophara and her kin are gold dragons. Today, they rule Eastern Ashwind continent and plunder the borderlands, robbing and murdering. That’s why this dynasty is so rich.

She's the heir to the richest family on the continent, and they didn't get that way by not stealing everything that isn't nailed down, if you understand me. (Ghostwater, ch 7 ).

But more than 500 years ago, the golds were subservient to the black dragons, who created the original Path of Black Flame.

“Listen to me. The black dragons were the kings of this continent. In their day, their power dwarfed the Akura family. The gold dragons were just a servant family beneath them, scraping and clawing for every scrap.” (Ghostwater ch 8)


Half dragon, half human, striving to be fully human, like her king.

As the Ninecloud Soul announced Sopharanatoth, leader of the gold dragon team, her golden eyes focused on Lindon. Her human form was mostly complete, but patches of gold scales dotted the pale skin of her cheeks and the backs of her hands. Her nails resembled claws, and her thin golden tail whipped the air behind her. Her face was sculpted into a fine image of human beauty, and her clothes were ornate layers of red and purple, but she stared into Lindon with such fury that he could feel it in his spirit. (Uncrowned, ch 9)


“She practices the Path of the Flowing Flame, which involves dragon-fire behaving like a liquid.” (Ghostwater, ch 7 ). A water artist, in some ways. She cycles flowing flame madra, perhaps aspects of fire and water. Her sister Ekeri was on the same Path.

She used whips, and her Striker technique curled like a stream. “Flexibility,” Lindon said. “Adaptability.” “The usual strength of water artists,” Orthos said, a touch of scorn in his voice. “They will avoid or redirect your attacks, and use that moment to attack. (Ghostwater ch 8)


She was Underlord at the beginning of the Uncrowned King Tournament (UKT). During the UKT, Monarch Reigan Shen made a deal with her divine ancestor, Seshethkunaaz. In return for the dragon king’s supoort, Shen gave Sophara a rare bottled elixir to speed her advancement. Gate of Heaven Elixir.

The Gate of Heaven elixir was extremely volatile and difficult to refine, even for the world’s greatest refiners. The ingredients and conditions for its creation were closely guarded secrets, and Sophara had heard that it even required attention from Sages. Now she was seeing it with her own eyes: an elixir that smoothed the road from Underlord to Archlord. She had already been on the verge of becoming an Overlady. Now she could advance whenever she wanted. (Uncrowned, ch 18)

Later in the tournament, she was stuffed with even more elixirs, in hopes that the weapon Penance did not fall into the hands of an enemy.

The gold dragons had gone overboard in preparing Sophara for the tournament. Too far. It was as though they’d crammed every enhancement they could think of into one body. Mercy didn’t know how Sophara could possibly control so much power. There had to be drawbacks. And if the dragon won Penance, she would use it on Akura Malice immediately. Her great-grandfather would make sure. (Wintersteel ch 4)

Her Weapons

  • Imperial Aegis — an Archlord level shield
  • Quickriver — an Archlord level whip / sword

On Ghostwater Pocket World

When her younger sister Ekeri died, Sophara hunted the Lowgold humans responsible. The Beast King sent Ziel and a huge sacred beast mammoth to intervene in the unfair fight.

“I am the Beast King’s witness,” he said with a sigh. “I witness a Lady attacking two Golds. Fall back, or he has cause to intervene.” . . . The green-horned man watched the whole thing with flat, dead eyes. “Remember you said that, Sopharanatoth.” Yerin guessed that was the dragon. Yerin’s spirit trembled as another powerful soul was unveiled somewhere on the island. (Ghostwater ch 16)


Sophara competed in the 18th Uncrowned King Tournament and made it all the way to the final round, defeating Akura Mercy in the semi finals. Ultimately, despite all her elixirs, pills, tricks and cheats, she lost to Yerin Arelius. (Wintersteel)

Her Sins

Before the tournament began, she ambushed the cloudship that was conveying contenders from the Blackflame Empire / Akura to Ninecloud City, including Eithan Arelius, Naru Saeya, and Yerin Arelius. (Uncrowned ch 7)

During the tournament, she murdered her prisoner, Naian Blackflame (Uncrowned, ch 15)

After the tournament ended, the Sage of Red Faith persuaded her to join in a murderous ambush against the Akura kids, Akura Mercy and Akura Pride. Monarch Reigan Shen wanted them dead as pay-back to their mother, Akura Malice (Wintersteel ch 26)

Her Death

She died. Lindon killed her, consuming her madra and stealing her void key house, a tournament prize from House Arelius, the Dawn Sky Palace. (Wintersteel ch 27)