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Royal House Naru is the imperial ruling clan in the Blackflame Empire. This empire is located on the Northwestern edge of the Ashwind Continent. The Naru clan is central to the series, beginning with book 4, Skysworn. The Dowager Empress recently retired into seclusion. Today, Emperor Naru Huan presides.

From Servant to Master

Fifty years ago, the Royal House of Naru emerged when the previous ruling clan, the Imperial Blackflame Family died out, mostly from insanity. House Naru had been servants to the Blackflame Family for generations. (See more history at Ashwind Continent History

Royal Digs

The newly-created Naru Empress moved the imperial capital from Serpent’s Grave to Blackflame City. The Royal Naru family live in the capital, Blackflame City, at the Imperial Court.

Vassal to Akura

Important as they are, Royal House Naru and the entire empire is nonetheless a vassal to the exceedingly powerful Monarch Akura Malice.

Naru Clan Members

The Dowager Empress is Naru Huan’s mother. She is retired, living in seclusion.

Naru Huan is Emperor. He is married. He is the only Overlord and the highest ranking sacred artist in the realm —— at least until Yerin Arelius and Wei Shi Lindon advance.

His younger sister is Underlady Naru Saeya

His uncle is Underlord Naru Gwei, Captain of the Skysworn

Another close relative is Naru Jing, a rising star of her younger generation. She is married to Naru Cassias Arelius.

There are many more members of the Naru clan, all notable for their goldsign — emerald green wings.

Imperial Clan Path

The Path of Grasping Sky is the Imperial Path. It is illegal for anyone except the Naru clan to practice it. It uses aspects of wind madra. The goldsign is emerald green wings. After years of practice on the Path, Copper sight is tuned to the wind, improving battle senses and perception. Furthermore, this Path enables skillful artists to hold an opponent in place with wind. Key notable sacred artists on this Path include the Emperor Overlord, Naru Huan, the Skysworn Captain, Naru Gwei, Naru Saeya, and the rising star of the younger generation, Naru Jing