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"““When they feel the time is right, the great Monarch clans hold a tournament for their students, measuring their star disciples against one another to demonstrate their strength. It is in this way that those of the young generation can test themselves and grow against equal opponents. This contest is known as the Uncrowned King Tournament.””" Akura Charity

See also 18th Uncrowned King Tournament for the current championship stats.

The Uncrowned King Tournament is a battle of young Underlords on a worldwide scale, between the factions of all living Monarchs.

It was first organised after the conclusion of the Dread Wars, which resulted in the death of ten of the active Monarchs.

The two surviving Monarchs convened the Heralds and great families of the world in an effort to pool resources and grow the next generation of Monarchs.


Even though the participants are grouped into teams, most of the tournament tests them as individuals.

It spans over the course of several months, with weeks in between matches in the later rounds.

First Round

“The contents of this first round are a mystery to the participants,” the voice continued. “We will give each young person a chance to demonstrate the full range of their skills and specialties, and their performance will be judged by a panel of independent judges gathered from all throughout the world.”

Wight, Will. Uncrowned (Cradle Book 7) . Hidden Gnome Publishing. Kindle Edition.

In the 18th tournament, the first round was a series of fifteen different tests, with every fifth round being a combat challenge.

Prize: A flying fortress made by the Ninecloud Court.

Second Round

“A team elimination match between all teams at once,” the Soul said serenely. “Those teams who survived the first round with all three of their members will therefore have an advantage.”

Wight, Will. Uncrowned (Cradle Book 7) . Hidden Gnome Publishing. Kindle Edition.

All teams were teleported different locations on a single island, most of which was a jungle.

Crowns appeared according to the rounds progression, and participants had to keep the crowns on their heads for a full minute to make it the next round. The only way to take a crown off someone's head is to kill them.

Prize: An Archlord-level sacred instrument or treasure from the vaults of the Ninecloud Court

Third Round

“One week after you claim your prizes, you will fight in the third round. These will be one-on-one matches to the death, although of course the protection of the honored Northstrider is still in effect. However, unlike later rounds, you are not competing as an individual, but as a team. Only when the last member of your opposing team loses will you be considered victorious.”

Wight, Will. Uncrowned (Cradle Book 7) . Hidden Gnome Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Prize: Each Monarch bestows a gift on two participants other than their own. Treasures that would inspire envy in any ordinary sect.

Fourth Round

“The nature of the fourth round changes based on how many of you survived round three,” he told them, and constructs all over the arena echoed his voice. “The round begins in one week. It is the final elimination round, designed to reveal the eight of you who will be honored as Uncrowned.”

Wight, Will. Uncrowned (Cradle Book 7) . Hidden Gnome Publishing. Kindle Edition.


  • The mark of the Uncrowned, a tattoo of a broken crown that is anchored to your spirit.
  • Lessons from a Sage.

Top Eight

Solo fighting matches.


The honor and glory from top four are more than nothing; they’d stretch your name all across the heavens.” “Honor and glory are—” Lindon began, but she cut him off. “Not your sorts of prizes, that’s a truth. See if this doesn't light a fire in your shoes: the top four each get a gift from all the other teams. Seven gifts, each one hand-picked with your name on it. Not even mentioning that everybody who has ever made top four in the Uncrowned King tournament has ended up as a Sage, a Herald, or ascending to the heavens.”

Wight, Will. Underlord (Cradle Book 6) . Hidden Gnome Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Top Four

Solo fighting matches.

Prize: Unknown.


Solo fighting match.

Prize: Unknown. But seems to involve all of the Monarchs.

The 18th Uncrowned King Tournament

See: separate article

The tournament taking place through most of Uncrowned, and is set to continue in Wintersteel

Previous tournaments

Known past winners

  • Reigan Shen, Emperor of Lions, was the winner of the first tournament, following the Dread Wars.
  • Akura Fury, Malice's son and her sharp sword, also won a past tournament.

Other known participants

  • The Sage of the Endless Sword participated three tournaments ago and famously reached the Top 8, losing to Del'rek of the Shann, who was representing the Eight-Man Empire
  • Ziel participated in the last tournament, when Mercy was only eight years old (she said so in book 6), so probably this was around 8-10 years before the tournament taking place now Uncrowned. Back then, Ziel made it at least as far as the second round.