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Iron bodies are the focal point of a sacred artists’s advancement to the Iron stage. The purified and enhanced physical form granted by this advancement level can determine the path of a sacred artist’s future development.

A base form Iron body grants a minimal level of superhuman abilities. Advancing to Iron improves all aspects of the human body and soul. But, if a sacred artist conducts specialized training and creates specific conditions they will gain a perfect iron body that will come with unique abilities ranging from increase strength to manipulation of gravity. Most sacred artists choose a perfect iron body that compliments their own path allowing for the overall performance of the path to be enhanced. The Sandviper Sect's coppers consumes the venom and blood (about 3-4 drops) of a Sandviper to attain the Bloodforged Iron body. This Iron body ensures a limited immunity to their own venomous madra when using their techniques.

There are many different Iron bodies that a sacred artist can attain depending on their training before advancing to Iron. If a sacred artist conducts no special training they will only posses the general abilities of an iron body.

Known Perfect Iron Bodies[edit | edit source]