Fisher Gesha

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Fisher Gesha
Fisher Gesha by Sugar Skye.jpeg
General information
PathPath of the Fishers
FactionFisher Sect
First AppearanceSoulsmith - Cradle book 2
OriginDesolate Wilds-Purelake - Ashwind Continent


Fisher Gesha is an old master soulsmith of the Fisher Sect. Her water-based sect lives in the Purelake area in the Desolate Wilds region of the western Blackflame Empire. She first met Wei Shi Lindon Arelius there at the Labyrinth in Soulsmith, book 2. Eithan employed her to join his party and become Lindon's Soulsmithing tutor. Eventually her family left the Desolate Wilds behind to join her in the heart of the Blackflame Empire, where they are gaining a reputation as soulsmiths.


Path of the Fishers. See Paths. Highgold. When her launcher construct helped defeat Redmoon Hall intruders, Emperor Naru Huan rewards her with high grade force scales so she can advance to Truegold (Ghostwater ch 18) so.. . She cycles Aspects of force madra, attraction force like gravity. Goldsign, webbed fingers. “Hidden Spring Iron body” enables better chance of survival with limited water, as in the arid western desert and blighted Desolate Wilds


Her rank is Highgold through the end of book five. In book six, Underlord, it's implied that she's advanced to Truegold, from the force madra scales the emperor gave her.

Lindon had seen her only a few days before, but he still wasn’t used to feeling her with the strength of a Truegold…although he supposed that went both ways. “Fisher Gesha!” Eithan said pleasantly. “How wonderful to find you here.” (Underlordch 7)


Fisher Gesha is an ancient, miniature woman, her face a mask of wrinkles, gray hair pulled back in a tight bun. She is short and tiny. Purple spider legs of forged madra stretch out from beneath her, raising her to ordinary height. These also serve as her drudge. She has a hooked blade of gleaming goldsteel hung on her back, as do others in the Fisher Sect. Her fingers are webbed, the Path of the Fisherman Goldsign. She is energetic, curious, industrious despite her age, snappish, bossy, but also kind.


Because Lindon has an interest in becoming a Soulsmith, he greatly admired Fisher Gesha's skill, and asked her for work. She taught him how to produce pure madra scales, and although she acted gruffly towards him, she begrudgingly began to feel some attachment for him. When Lindon and Yerin were captured after an ill-conceived attempted scale heist, Fisher Gesha at first tried to coax Jai Long into releasing them, claiming that they were only children. Jai Long told her that their actions would be seen as undermining the Five Faction Alliance, Fisher Gesha ultimately chose to abandon both Yerin and Lindon to the slavers.

Fisher Gesha is the matriarch of the Fisher Sect, and old Fisher Ragahn is the patriarch and chief. Although she is strict with her younger family members, she is extremely devoted to them. She joined Eithan's expedition to the Blackflame Empire stating that she wanted to see the world, although she had initially refused, not wanting to leave her family behind. After going ahead of them to scout the situation, Fisher Gesha decided that the Blackflame Empire held great opportunity for the Fisher clan, and the rest of her family joined her to open a Soulsmithing shop. When she gained the favor of Emperor Naru Huan, she was gifted with a box of materials that would advance her to Truegold. Not wanting power only for herself, Fisher Gesha asked if the materials in the box could be distributed to her younger family members for their advancement, upon which Emperor Naru gifted her with a second box of treasured materials for her family.


  • gudgingly accepted Lindon as general dogsbody in the Desolate Wilds, at the Transcendent Ruins Labyrinth (Soulsmith)
  • tutored Lindon in Soulsmithing, hired by Eithan Arelius (Blackflame)
  • created a prosthetic arm for Lindon, made of hunger madra from the Ancestor’s Spear (Skysworn)
  • earned the favor of Emperor Naru Huan when her bomb launcher construct helped to defeat Longhook and other enemies from the Dreadgod cult Redmoon Hall (book 5, Ghostwater)
  • constructed a soulsmith foundary on Stormrock (a floating city) and later, a mobile soulsmith workshop in Night Wheel Valley (Underlord, ch 7)
  • With help from Dross, improved Lindon's prosthetic using the Archstone, to withstand soulfire advancement (Underlord)
  • created advanced munitions with help from Dross and Lindon, and by feeding Dross the House Arelius library (see Underlord)