Lesser known paths

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This is a list of paths, we know little about. Full Path list: Paths

Path of the Kazan clan (possibly has an other, unknown name)[edit | edit source]

Most likely stone based. Has been known to forge horse sizes dogs of stone.

Path of the Li clan (possibly has an other, unknown name)[edit | edit source]

Mostly likely taming renmants. Symbols are the serpent and the tree.

Path of the Fallen Leaf[edit | edit source]

Uses life madra to grow sacred trees and the like.

Golden Sword[edit | edit source]

Use goldsteel swords, that they enforce.

Holy Wind:[edit | edit source]

Creates zones of unnatural wind with dream, wind and light madra.

Heavens Glory[edit | edit source]

Uses light madra to burn their enemies.

Path of the Amber Well[edit | edit source]

Uses dream and water madra. Goldsign is yellow eyes.

Path of the Cloud Hammer[edit | edit source]

Goldsign is a cloud drifting over the Sacred Artists head. Uses force and cloud madra.

Path of the Fisherman[edit | edit source]

The path used by the Fisher clan. Goldsign is webbing between the fingers. Madra is some form of “pull” madra, which seems to be a variant of force. It's excellent for Soul smithing.

Path of Flowing Flame[edit | edit source]

It's utilized by the Golden dragons and involves golden dragon fire, behaving like a liquid. Has been known to be used in whip like techniques. Body enforcement technique focuses on graceful water like evading movements.

There is a path for attendants to users of the path of the flowing flame, but there path is so far largely unknown

Other mentioned paths[edit | edit source]

  • Path of the Unstained Shield, mentioned to excel at protection.
  • Path of a Thousand Hands, mentioned to excel in versatility.
  • Path of Silver Grace, known for its elegance.
  • Path of Glacier’s Birth, know to have been practiced by Underlord, Meiyen Teia.
  • Path of Whispering Wind, developed by an Archlord titled "The Script Lord".
  • Path of Rolling Earth, practiced by the Longhook, and Underlord of the Redmoon Hall.