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This is a list of Paths we know little about. Most are also listed on the master list of Paths so maybe this page could be eventually deleted, after cross-checking master page

School Paths, Sacred Valley

For the Paths of the four schools of sacred arts in book 1, in Sacred Valley. Sacred Arts study and discipleship at the four mountain-top schools is granted to only the most gifted.

Students at Heaven’s Glory School on Mount Samara study a Path that employs light madra. They can burn others with their light techniques. The vital aura comes from the ring above the peak. Members of Holy Wind School on The Greatfather peak follow a strange Path of wind, light, and dream techniques that create zones of unnatural weather. They can create storms to attack enemies. Golden Sword disciples on Mount Venture study a Path of sword madra that uses Enforcer techniques on their weapon. The name of their Path comes from the goldsteel swords they use more than from their techniques. Attendees of Fallen Leaf School on Yoma Mountain focus on using life madra to guide the growth of spirit-fruits and sacred herbs. They are especially proud of their harvest of treasure fruit from their orchards of purple orus tree. (also see Abidan Archive e174)

Path of the Kazan clan (possibly has an other, unknown name)

Most likely earth / stone based. Has been known to forge horse sizes dogs of stone.

Path of the Li clan (possibly has an other, unknown name)

Possibly taming Remnants. Symbols are the serpent and the tree.

Path of the Cloud Hammer

Goldsign is a cloud drifting over the Sacred Artists head. Uses force and cloud madra.

Path of the Fisherman

The Path taken by the Fisher Sect in the Desolate Wilds, notably Fisher Gesha. Goldsign is webbing between the fingers. Madra is some form of “pull” madra, which seems to be a variant of force, gravity. It's excellent for Soulsmithing. Their Hidden Spring Iron body helps the Fishers survive with little water, in the arid desert. (mentioned by author on his wiki)

Path of Flowing Flame

It's utilized by the Golden dragons Sopharanatoth and her sister Ekeri, and involves golden dragon fire, behaving like a liquid. Has been known to be used in whip like techniques. Body enforcement technique focuses on graceful water like evading movements. (There is a different Path for the gold dragon’s attendants, but it’s so far largely unknown)

Other mentioned paths

  • Path of the Unstained Shield, mentioned to excel at protection.
  • Path of a Thousand Hands, mentioned to excel in versatility.
  • Path of Silver Grace, known for its elegance.
  • Path of Glacier’s Birth, know to have been practiced by Underlord, Meiyen Teia.
  • Path of Whispering Wind, developed by an Archlord titled "The Script Lord".
  • Path of Rolling Earth, practiced by the Longhook, and Underlord of the Redmoon Hall.