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Disciples of the Twin Star Sect follow Wei Shi Lindon Arelius, the Void Sage. He’s also known as The Sage of Twin Stars. This new sect recently emerged in the Blackflame Empire. In the novels, the birth of the sect occurs at the end of Bloodline and the beginning of Reaper.

Void Sage / Sage of Twin Stars

The Void Sage is a young man, Wei Shi Lindon Arelius. Brushing the Way as an Underlord, he manifested the Void Icon and thus became a Sage. His badge is made of wintersteel and has one ancient character, which means ‘empty’ in the old tongue. He’s also known as the Sage of Twin Stars, because he split his core in two, one holding pure madra and the other black flame madra. He advanced most unexpectedly to Sage while battling the gold dragon Sopharanatoth in Sky’s Edge. (Wintersteel, ch 26-27))

A Sect is Born

Recruiting Twin Star Sect.png

The Twin Star Sect sprang to life soon after the Sage of Twin Stars and his allies rescued and defended the people of Sacred Valley from the Dreadgod Wandering Titan. At Mercy’s request, an exhausted Jai Chen led a sizable group of refugees out of the devastated valley to a shantytown in the Desolate Wilds. As they neared Refuge, they were halted by unwelcoming residents, some of them the banished Jai Clan members. In desperation, Jai Chen claimed her refugees were under the protection of the Sage of Twin Stars. This had the desired effect, especially when Eithan Arelius verified her claim. He then asked her to indeed help him create the sect by recruiting members and sorting abilities. Moreover, he offered her and her brother Jai Long a home within the sect. So the sect was born in the Desolate Wilds of the Blackflame Empire, and young Jai Chen became one of its founding members. (Bloodline, book 9)

In Refuge

“Are you interested in the Sect of Twin Stars?” she asked excitedly.
“They’ll take just about anyone, you know. It doesn’t matter what Path
you’re on. And they have teachers you wouldn’t believe! The sect founder
is a Sage! I don’t know what he’s doing here, but they say if you’re
a loyal member of the sect, they’ll take you east with them when they leave.”

Lindon felt like he was trapped in some kind of bizarre illusion, but he still
responded automatically. “Gratitude. Where did you learn about this sect?”

-Reaper, ch 3

The Sage himself had nothing to do with the birth of his sect. In fact, he knew nothing about it, until he began to notice all the flags and banners popping up around Refuge. Soon enough, Eithan was hustling an excited crowd and refining elixirs from his cloud-farm, while Jai Chen and Wei Shi Kelsa took care of recruitment and general organization. Even the Emperor Naru Huan arrived on several cloudships, bringing provisions for the refugees and hailing the only Sage and the only Herald in the realm.

In Serpent’s Grave

The eager acolytes followed the Sage, as disciples will do. When he went East to Serpent’s Grave, so did they. And soon the young sect had gained even more new acolytes, right in the heart of the Blackflame Empire. In fact, a little camp sprang up around Windfall, the cloudship. Until the city gave the sect a building of their own.
“Lindon strode through the school building that the city had given him, watching the rows of students wearing burnt orange and pale blue. There were about forty of them, all younger than Lindon himself, most Copper or Iron. They had gone through the training to cleanse their madra, returning it to a pure state—.” (Reaper, ch. 7)


Master Ziel
Someone had given Ziel the title “Master of the Training Hall,”
and any students who needed specialized training hunted him
down. Ziel tried his best to scare them off, but he was prevented
from outright refusing by the oath he’d made to Eithan in return
for the Pure Storm Baptism. The sect quickly figured out that he
didn’t mean all the harsh things he said, and that became part
of his charm. They sought his advice on everything from scripting
to advancement to technique training to roommate squabbles.

Reaper, ch 6

The Void Sage began to teach his Coppers and Irons a cycling method, and Ziel of the Wastelands, who never got worked up and knew well how a sect functions, became the always-in-demand Master of the Hall. Young disciples listened with awe to occasional lessons from the amazing Uncrowned Champion /Herald Yerin Arelius and the kind-hearted Underlady Akura Mercy — (soon to become an Overlady). Meanwhile, Jai Chen and Wei Shi Kelsa continued to recruit and sort prospective students while taking lessons themselves — and sparring with Little Blue! Even Jai Long got a lesson from Lindon. And Eithan was everywhere at once. (Reaper)