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A prominent clan in the Blackflame Empire.


The Jai clan lives in the Blackflame Empire on the Ashwind continent. The clan Patriarch Jai Daishou has a palace on Shiryu Mountain in Serpent’s Grave. The Jai clan also has territory out in the Desolate Wilds, a large desert on the western border of the empire. This is near the Western Labyrinth.

The Underlord Patriarch of the Jai clan was a legend; with his own hands, he had built the Jai from a remote clan in the wilderness to an Imperial power. (Blackflame chapter 2)

Clan Goldsign

Frozen, Metallic Hair.

Eithan walked up to him and rubbed his hands in the metallic hair, running his thumb along the edge of a rigid black peak. “I've always wondered about the Goldsign for the Path of the Stellar Spear. Frozen hair? It's astonishing. Does it hurt?” The Jai elder grunted out something that might have been a response. “Does it hurt?” Eithan repeated softly, rapping his knuckles lightly on the man's frozen hair. Metal rang like a muffled bell. “No...Underlord...” the Jai elder managed to force out. “Oh, really? How does it feel, then?” “...helmet...” That was the only word Lindon understood, but Eithan nodded. “I see, I see. Thank you for indulging my curiosity.” (Soulsmith, ch 18)


The Jai clan claim to be the rightful heir of the first ancestral Jai member who wielded the powerful Ancestor’s Spear long ago. It had been locked away in the forbidden Labyrinth. It is found in book 2, Soulsmith, and is used for various purposes and schemes in several books.

Jai Long had never used the Ancestor’s Spear before. He knew only the legends—that the original Matriarch of the Jai clan had used the weapon to steal the power of her foes. As far as he knew, he might be helpless while siphoning madra, and it was safer to experiment on captives rather than opponents. (Blackflame ch 4)

Clan Status

Turbulent history.

"The Jai clan began as one of many barbaric factions in the stretch of blighted wilderness known as the Desolate Wilds. The light-aspected combat techniques on their Path of the Stellar Spear made them the most formidable family of sacred artists in the area, and they unified the region more than once over the centuries. Each time, their rule proved violent and brief." (Soulsmith ch 6)

However, whatever occurred in the past, early in the Cradle series Jai is a prominent reputable clan with a palace in Serpent’s Grave, in the Blackflame Empire. In book 2, Jai Sen, at the Transcendent Ruins, introduces his clan:

Jai Sen stabbed a finger at him. “Indeed, there is no faction in the Wilds as strong or as proud as the Jai clan. Our branch here is comparable to the Purelake Temple in influence, and it is but a fraction the size of our main branch in the Blackflame Empire. . . “The wisest course is to join a clan with such a firm foundation that it can never be shaken, with an unassailable reputation and untarnished honor.” ” (Soulsmith, ch 5)

Arelius Feud

Patriarch Jai Daishou was a proud man. He was ranked the seventh most powerful Underlord in the empire. He felt Eithan Arelius — only ranked eleven — didn’t show him enough respect. The two clashed violently. Jai Daishou ordered his clan to sabotage and vandalize Arelius janitorial holdings in Serpent’s Grave (Blackflame ch 3). He later orchestrated a city-wide assassination of all family members of House Arelius — the Blackflame Branch. His clan killed many, but his plan didn’t quite succeed. (Book 3, Blackflame)

The Jai clan has all but declared war on our family.”
“All but?” Yerin repeated. “Is it war, or no war?”
“If they declared it openly, the Emperor’s forces would cripple the aggressor in a day. But the Skysworn stay out of the petty squabbles between clans. (Blackflame chapter 5)


The clan lost their status when Patriarch Jai Daishou broke imperial and Akuran law, and opened the doors to the forbidden western Labyrinth, retrieving the ancient weapon, the Archstone to use against Eithan, if needed. The labyrinth can attract a Dreadgod, as it did when the doors were open too long during the ancient empire of the black dragons, igniting the Dread Wars, according to the draconic records. (See book 4, Skysworn, and see Ashwind Continent History)

So, emperor Naru Huan exiled the Jai clan to the Desolate Wilds.

Key Clan Members


Jai clan members follow the Path of the Stellar Spear, which is a weaker variation of the original Path of the Broken Star. They might have an Iron body created by breaking all their bones (see Iron body of the Stellar Spear). They all have metal hair as a Goldsign. Like a helmet.

However, because of his problematic Remnant during an emergency push to Lowgold, Jai Long practices something else, a unique variation. Likewise, Jai Chen follows a unique Path of her own.