Akura Grace

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Akura Grace
General information
FactionAkura Family
First AppearanceUncrowned
MotherAkura Kiya[1]
FatherAkura Earnest[1]

Akura Grace

Grace was an Underlord member of the Akura clan, cousin to Pride and Mercy.[2] She competed in the 18th Uncrowned King Tournament, one of the replacements for the Temple of Rising Earth's team. Rather than the head family's typical Path of Seven Pages, Grace followed an unnamed Path of sword and shadow madra.[2]


She is described as being full-figured and beautiful, with long black hair, much like Akura Malice herself. She possessed the signature purple eyes of her clan, and is primarily shown wearing the same dark robes as other Akura sacred artists. She wields a curved saber.[2]

Spoilers — Book Events


Grace's first appearance comes in book 6 Uncrowned.

Lindon challenges the twelve Underlords competing for a spot on the Akura team in the upcoming 18th Uncrowned King Tournament. The family Herald, Akura Fury, selected her cousin Pride instead. She is mentioned as having challenged Lindon once before during his time in Moongrave.[2][3] Following the slaughter of the Rising Earth team by Xorrus the gold dragon Herald, a second team from the head family were chosen to compete; Grace was one of them.[4][5]

Along with the rest of her team, Grace was eliminated in the third round.[6]

⚠️ SPOILERS Wintersteel

Warning Major Spoilers

Akura Grace goes to Sky's Edge wintersteel mining region where the Akura family and Seishen Kingdom vassals are trying to protect the community from the Abyssal Palace cultists. Grace is paired with Lindon, Pride, Douji, Courage, and the Maten Twins.

Akura Grace develops an attraction to Lindon and decides she would like to marry him. Akura Charity proposes the idea to Lindon which he refuses.

Seishen Daji betrays the Akura family and Grace is teleported away by the Sage of Red Faith in an assassination attempt along with other tournament contestants representing the Akura. As Akura Grace and her other team members flee up the stairs they are met with an ambush. Akura grace is killed in the assassination attempt, her remnant fading away as Lindon approaches it after being struck with forged spears.

She died at the hands of two Overlords of Redmoon Hall, during an attack at Sky's Edge by each Dreadgod cult.[7]


Grace’s parents thank Lindon for avenging Grace’s murder and give him a large sum of money.