Akura Grace

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Akura Grace
General information
PathName unknown-Sword and Shadow
FactionAkura Family
First AppearanceUncrowned - Cradle book 7

Akura Grace, One of the many Underlords in the Akura Family.


Descirbed as being full-figured and beautiful, with long raven hair, like a younger version of Malice herself. Akura Grace is rich, hot, good at the sacred arts and someone would have to be a fool to turn her down.



Grace first appears in Uncrowned when Lindon challenges the underlords who are competing to win Akura Fury's open slot in the Uncrowned tournament. After Lindon defeats 12 of the underlords and moves to fight Akura Grace, Akura Charity calls off the fight and Fury decides that the open spot will go to either Akura Pride or Akura Grace, in a best of two of three matches.

Although Akura Grace ends up losing to Pride, one of the Akura family's vassal teams is destroyed by the Dragon faction and a quick replacement team was put together led by Akura Grace.

Akura Grace's was eliminated in the third round of the tournament.


Akura Grace goes to Sky's edge where the Akura family and the Seishen Kingdom are trying to protect their land from the Abyssal Palace cultists. She paired with Lindon, Pride, Douji, Courage, and the Maten Twins.

Akura Grace develops an attraction to Lindon and decides she would like to marry him. Akura Charity proposes the idea to Lindon which he refuses.

Shortly After being brutally rejected by Lindon, Seishen Daji betrays the Akura family and Grace is teleported away by the Sage of Red Faith with some of her other team members. As Akura Grace and her other team members flee up the stairs they are met with an ambush. Akura Grace dies on the stairs pinned to the wall by a forged spear, her hand still clutching her sword, heart shattered by the realization that Lindon was a mere 30 feet away and had decided he would rather let her die than marry her.

Although Lindon was only a short distance away snacking on a blood-shadow, he did not reach Akura Grace until after she had already died.