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A cloud construct is any cloud-aspect madra construct. Commonly, they feed off of the user's own madra to fly on vital aura; the higher the madra's quality, the faster it travels.[1][2] They typically take on the appearance as that of a colorful cloud, ranging in size from single-person transports to carrying houses to ones capable of supporting entire cities.[1][3][4]

Thousand-Mile Clouds

"Thousand-Mile Cloud" refers to a variety of smaller cloud constructs, typically ones intended for individual use.[1] Wei Shi Lindon and Yerin used one taken from the Heaven's Glory School's Lesser Treasure Vault to escape Sacred Valley.[5]

Skysworn officers in the Blackflame Empire receive a pale green one as part of their standard arsenal.[6] They are able to store them inside their armor, where they do not decay.[7]


Larger constructs are referred to as cloudships. They bear a similar appearance to Thousand-Mile Clouds, though often possess more flight bindings than their smaller counterpart, and usually carry a permanent structure on top. Rather than being fed directly from the user, cloudships have their pilots filter madra through a control panel, funneling the madra to various bindings for them.[3] If fueled with madra or aura not of cloud or wind aspect, these bindings will eventually decay; aura-gathering scripts are used to combat this.[8]

Cloudships are a common method of long-distance transportation for wealthier factions such as House Arelius and the Akura clan.[3][9] The Ninecloud Court provided a customized cloudship to winners of the first round of the 18th Uncrowned King Tournament.[10]

Notable cloud constructs