Sage of a Thousand Eyes

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Cladia Arelius
Cladia Arelius, Sage, by Jazzy Kandra.jpeg
General information
IconsOracle? Eye?
FactionHouse Arelius on Rosegold
First AppearanceWintersteel
FatherTiberian Arelius?
HomeRosegold Continent

Cladia Arelius is the Sage of a Thousand Eyes, aka The Oracle Sage
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Cladia is named after her command of the Arelius bloodline ability. She may be the only Sage that isn't named after her Path. (Abidan Archive 1005)

She barely survived the fall of her Monarch Tiberian Arelius:

“What about the Arelius homeland? The Sage of a Thousand Eyes has an honorable reputation. She would come to our aid.” Eithan winced. He hadn't been to the homeland for seven years, but memory of his last failure was still harsh. “I'm afraid the doorway doesn't open for another three years. Besides...last I saw them, they didn't have any help to spare for anyone else.” If the Sage of a Thousand Eyes was still alive after all this time, then she was much wiser than he had given her credit for. Or she'd found a powerful ally. Somewhere.(Skysworn, p. 174)

Cladia’s Overlady Revelation was similar to Eithan’s: I see. She has the Arelius madra-webbing, information-gathering bloodline ability.

Oracle Sage
“The Sage of a Thousand Eyes can see you anywhere I can.”
So Lindon had heard correctly earlier. He looked back at the
woman who looked like she might have been Eithan’s mother.
The Oracle Sage, or the Sage of a Thousand Eyes, hadn’t
been active since the death of her Monarch.

-Wintersteel, ch 7


Cladia is an older woman, but not elderly. She has grey-blond hair and blue eyes. Her demeanor is relaxed and faintly amused. When Reigan Shen killed Tiberian, she nearly died too, and was thought dead by some, but she appeared alive and well during the Uncrowned King Tournament (Wintersteel ch 7).

Her Home

Arelius funds are in short supply since Reigan Shen killed their Monarch, so the home is not grand. The Sage lives in the Arelius homeland on Rosegold. Her home is scripted, secret, hidden underground, but the land has been destroyed by Shen, the countryside covered in ash (Wintersteel ch 7).

The Arelius clan, in the ruins of their ancestral home, is still in mourning over the loss of their Monarch. Their clan has as deep a foundation as any, so they are invited to participate in the Uncrowned King tournament, but there is fierce debate. This could be nothing more than another blow to their reputation. Grimly, they determine that their fate will be even worse should they try to hide. (Underlord epilogue)

Her Relationships

Cladia brought two Underlords to compete in the 18th Uncrowned King Tournament, young cousins Veris and Altavian Arelius. On her advice, at at Eithan’s request, they both gave their contestant awards to Lindon (iron heart) and Yerin (diamond veins). See Magical Items and see House Arelius for more info on that.

Cladia also seems to be on cordial terms with fellow Sages Akura Charity and Min Shuei.

Cladia is on friendly terms with Eithan Arelius. As a Sage in good repute, she invites him back to their Rosegold home for supposed training, after he makes it to the semi-final rounds of the UKT. They share some humor and then he advances to Overlord in a few seconds, just before they sit for dinner (Wintersteel ch 7).

Of course, she hates Reigan Shen.