Sage of a Thousand Eyes

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One of the only known living Sages on Cradle, the Sage of a Thousand Eyes comes from the Arelius family.

She is named after her command of the Arelius bloodline ability, and the only Sage that isn't named after her Path, as far as we know. [?]

She has survived the fall of her Monarch Tiberian Arelius, and was mentioned only once in Skysworn:

“What about the Arelius homeland? The Sage of a Thousand Eyes has an honorable reputation. She would come to our aid.” Eithan winced. He hadn't been to the homeland for seven years, but memory of his last failure was still harsh. “I'm afraid the doorway doesn't open for another three years. Besides...last I saw them, they didn't have any help to spare for anyone else.” If the Sage of a Thousand Eyes was still alive after all this time, then she was much wiser than he had given her credit for. Or she'd found a powerful ally. Somewhere.

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