Eithan Arelius

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Eithan Arelius
Eithan by Kandra.png
General information
PathPath of the Hollow King
FactionTwin Star Sect|House Arelius|Former Patriarch of Blackflame branch of House Arelius
First AppearanceSoulsmith
HomeRosegold Continent

Eithan Arelius is an Archlord from the Arelius Family on Cradle.

Age & Appearance

Eithan is about 30 years old when the series begins. We can deduce his age because he just made the over-age-35 cut for the 18th Uncrowned King Tournament.

He is tall and somewhat lanky, but agile and strong. He has long flowing yellow hair that he is quite fond of. He tends to dress in fine colorful robes, often in varied shades of blue, made of the highest quality. He makes a fussy show of keeping himself tidy and clean. He has pale blue eyes and almost always has a smile on his face.

He is sometimes seen fighting with a pair of black tailoring scissors and/or a broom.

Most of the witnesses looked disgusted, confused, or alarmed, save for the main with the long yellow hair that Lindon had seen before. At least, he assumed it was the same man; in a camp this size, perhaps there were many disciples of this strange Path that lightened hair color. He was wearing intricate robes of blue and white, so that the cape on his shoulders was raised and separated to resemble wings. it looked as though he'd prepared for a parade. He met Lindon's glance with eyes of pale blue, no doubt another consequence of his Goldsign. He gave a cheery wave. (-Soulsmith, Chapter 8, Page 105)


Eithan has a very carefree attitude toward everything. He is rarely seen without a smile on his face. He tends to make jokes in face of danger in an attempt to lighten the mood. He enjoys toying with his opponents and making fun of them while fighting. He is so carefree that others around him often wonder if he is taking the situation seriously enough. His attitude often gets him in trouble and angers those around him. Even so, in typical Eithan Fashion, he doesn't care.
It’s rare to see Eithan worried, visibly upset, or angry. Something seriously big must be going on.


Eithan Arelius is a key character. He begins as an Underlord in the series. He eventually advances to Archlord and even beyond.


Beginning in book 2, Eithan mentors his adopted teenagers Yerin Arelius and Wei Shi Lindon Arelius. His family is allied with Orthos the sacred dragon-turtle. Eventually he forms a trusted relationship with Ziel and Akura Mercy. He also keeps a weather-eye on Jai Chen and Jai Long.

Additionally, he’s on good terms with his relatives Cassias Arelius and Cladia Arelius, the Sage of a Thousand Eyes.

He collaborates with emperor Naru Huan and his sister Naru Saeya, and old Fisher Gesha, who gives Lindon soulsmithing lessons.

His chief antagonists in the series are Jai Daishou, Reigan Shen, Emissary Longhook, the Sage of Red Faith, etc. Also, while not an enemy, Captain Naru Gwei simply doesn’t tolerate him.

His Goals

When Yerin asked him why he wanted to mentor them, he replied:

“I have been looking for people to walk with me every step of the way.”

“Where to?” she asked.

“To the end.” He let that hang in the air, resonating with honest yearning like a pure musical note. The end of the sacred arts. It was the definition of a myth, the unattainable goal sought by every Path. (Soulsmith)

Eithan has another goal, to rid the world of self-centered monarchs and of dreadgods. Internally, he thinks: 'If Reigan Shen didn’t die to a new generation of Monarchs raised by Eithan, that would be the real tragedy.' (Wintersteel)

His Backstory:

Eithan told Lindon that he was born on the Rosegold continent but he lived most of his childhood in the Blackflame Empire on the Ashwind continent. He was able to travel between Rosegold and Ashwind because a portal opens once every ten years between the two continents.

Eithan Arelius was one of the advisers to Tiberian Arelius, the Monarch who reigned over much of the Rosegold continent. At an early age, he impressed Tiberian by accessing the ancient sealed workspace of their original house founder, Ozmanthus Arelius. However, Tiberian was recently killed by Reigan Shen, and House Arelius was left devastated.

So, a deeply saddened Eithan came to the Blackflame Empire. This occurred just a few years before book 1, Unsouled, when Eithan was in his mid-twenties. Because he was an Underlord, he assumed the position of Patriarch of the Blackflame branch of the Arelius family, reporting to Naru Huan. The Patriarch at that time was Gaian Arelius, and his son Cassias Arelius was his heir. They were both only Golds, while Eithan was an Underlord.

Powers and Techniques

Eithan has Pure Madra. He invented the Heaven and Earth Purification Wheel cycling method. He follows the Path of the Hollow King. The Arelius Sense, an inheritance passed down the Arelius bloodline, is very strong in him (see Bloodline Abilities).

His Cloud constructs

  • Sky's Mercy -- luxurious cloudship, belongs to the local Arelius patriarch
  • Bounding Gazelle -- fast speedcloud 18th Uncrowned King Tournament prize
  • Farm cloud -- another tournament prize. Eithan's crops:

    The Nimblethorn root was typically used as a medicinal herb to separate types of madra before spiritual surgery. It wasn’t common, but it wasn’t incredibly valuable. .. A men’hla tree was especially valuable to Soulsmiths, as each of its leaves actually produced a separate Remnant. For many projects, one men’hla tree could be an endless source of dead matter. ...“Hammershell fruit,” he recited. A prime source of force aura. “A hive of ivory bees. Cloudbell bush. A spring of Whispering Water. Starlotus pond.” His list contained nothing that the Ninecloud Court would balk at or flag as unusual. Some were more useful to Soulsmiths, others to refiners, and he mixed in some decoys with the ones he really needed. (Uncrowned ch 12)

Major Spoiler

Spoils book 10 Reaper

Reaper Spoilers
Reaper Spoilers
Eithan Arelius is revealed to be Ozmanthus Arelius.