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Main Characters

Wei Shi Lindon
Eithan by Kandra.png
Eithan Arelius
Lil Blue.jpg
Little Blue
Akura Mercy
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The Way and The Worlds

See The Way and The Worlds for info on the Way, the Void, the Iterations

Abidan Court of Judges

See Abidan for info on the organization

Lesser Abidan

Cosmic Antagonists

  • See Vroshir for info on these cosmic arch villains
  • Iri the Angler, the Mad King, The Silverlords, The Horseman

On Cradle

Monarchs on Cradle

Cradle is huge, with hundreds of billions of people on at least five huge continents. One or two Monarchs rule on each continent.

Sages & Heralds

Monarch Factions

Akura Clan

Northstrider & Followers

Ninecloud Court

Dragon Faction

House Shen

  • Reigan Shen (Monarch)
  • Yushi Shen, Thunder Fairy - (Herald Rank)

Titan's Grove

Eight-Man Empire

House Arelius

Blackflame Empire

Vassal to Akura Monarchy

Jai Clan

Naru Clan


Arelius Branch

Sandviper Sect

Fisher Sect



Seishen Kingdom

Akura Vassal

  • Info at Seishen Kingdom
  • King Seishen Dakata
  • Underlord Prince Seishen Kiro †
  • Underlord Prince Seishen Daji
  • Underlady gardener Riyusai Meira

Frozen Blade Sect

  • Min Shuei, Sage of the Frozen Blade
  • Maten Teia
  • Maten Kei

Dreadgod Cults

Redmoon Hall

The Stormcallers

Silent Servants

  • Kenvata Nasuma Juvari

Abyssal Palace

  • Brother Aekin
  • High Priest Maraan


Sacred Valley

In Akura territory, but the Monarch totally ignores the people

Wei Clan:

See Wei Clan

Li Clan:

See Li Clan

Kazan Clan:

See Kazan Clan

  • Kazan Patriarch and wife (not named, see Bloodline ch 9)
    • Their little boy, Maret
  • Kazan Ma Deret †

Heavens Glory School:

  • Elder Whitehall
  • Elder Rahm
  • Elder Anses
  • Elder Harveck †
  • Elder Nasiri †
  • Elder Serenity †