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Hello and welcome[edit | edit source]

to the more speculative side of the Wiki.

Here is where the Cradle community tends to flourish and there are more theories floating around then I can count and everything from here on out is rife with spoilers. If you are here for the first time I figured I'd give you a run down on some of the basics. The sword sage's death is sus, its one of the first great mysteries and we still have not even a hint of an answer, but plenty of thoughts: Tim's Death. Side note, he is known as Tim, Yerin's blood shadow is also known as Blerin or Big Red, and Jai Daishou is occasionally referred to as douche. Everything from here on out is subject to chaos, speculation and wild theory crafting, but lots of fun. Welcome to the community, we're happy to have you!


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Top Theories:[edit | edit source]

Also, shout out to our first Will Wight Fan Theory Based Youtuber:

Check out his videos for some fascinating and deep analysis of the some of the many mysteries hidden on Cradle.